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OKI Launches EXaaS™ Centralized Call Reception Service

Designed to cut down startup costs by utilizing cloud services

TOKYO, December 1, 2011 -- OKI today launched its EXaaS Centralized Call Reception Service, a new item on its EXaaS™ cloud computing service menu for financial institutions operating in Japan. The EXaaS Centralized Call Reception Service reduces call-handling burdens at specific sites by offloading calls to a call center. Skilled operators take calls to achieve call-handling services of the highest quality and customer satisfaction.

In addition to providing standard call reception functions as a cloud service for customers seeking to centralize call reception operations without setting up their own facilities, EXaaS can be tailored to meet the specific needs of individual customers. This includes various optional general call center staffing needs.

Calls made to retail locations differ in various aspects, including site location, hours of operation, products, orders, and the nature of the requests and claims received. Handling all these calls often requires staff to drop their work, reducing work efficiency and increasing the likelihood of human error. Additionally, not all locations have the trained and skilled operators needed for appropriate call handling, leading to inconsistent service and lower customer satisfaction.

“The EXaaS Centralized Call Reception Service centralizes call reception, enhances efficiency and call completion rates, and makes it possible to provide advanced, integrated call handling services,” says Sei Yano, Senior Vice President, responsible for Solutions and Services at OKI.

“Provided as a cloud service, the scalable service has low startup costs to minimize the initial investment. The fee schedule makes costs affordable even for small-scale implementations; service fees can be paid monthly per receptionist seat.”

As options, OKI will also provide telephone banking and telemarketing functions that have proven track records at financial institutions. The EXaaS Centralized Call Reception Service also meets the requirements of BPO(*1) services.

Through skilled operators and reports on customer requests and claims, OKI also plans to enhance service levels to allow customers to apply the service to strengthen sales activities and improve efficiency.

Features of the EXaaS Centralized Call Reception Service

  1. Reduces site-specific workloads and costs

    Service fees are charged monthly per receptionist seat to minimize startup costs.

  2. Eliminates the need for operational and management tasks related to systems operations

    OKI handles all routine labor-intensive systems operations, maintenance, and management tasks on behalf of its customers, including converting telephone numbers, applying security batch updates, performing system backups, and systems monitoring.
    Outsourcing complex systems operations and management tasks to OKI's specialized staff lets user companies focus on their core business.

  3. Provides call reception centralization function as a total service

    The service offers the capacity to gather and summarize all customer voice communications, including requests and claims, as well as call center functions. This includes functions that record telephone calls and IVR(*2).

  4. Supports call center operations for financial institutions

    The service provides the full range of call center functions, including telephone numbers, automatic customer information display, store information, and search references, as well as various call centralization functions. An optional telephone banking function allows customers to make transfers and inquire about balances by phone. An optional telemarketing function allows financial institutions to sell directly to customers by telephone. Both optional services are available as cloud services.


  • *1 :BPO stands for Business Process Outsourcing, an arrangement whereby a company consigns planning, design, or management operations for front or back office functions.
  • *2 :IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response, an automated voice response function.

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