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OKI Launches EXaaS™ PC-LCM Service

First phase of EXaaS cloud service office IT equipment LCM service, dramatically reducing operational and management burdens associated with business PC usage

TOKYO, October 26, 2011 -- OKI today launched the EXaaS PC-LCM Service as a new component of its EXaaS™ cloud computing service menu for the Japanese market. This LCM(*1) service, which is the first phase of the LCM service for office IT equipment, follows in the footsteps of OKI's industry-leading ATM-LCM Service. This service offloads to OKI time-consuming operations and management tasks associated with PC life cycle management (LCM), significantly reducing the associated burdens. The service is based on operational and management experience gained with the approximately 15,000 PCs deployed across the OKI Group.

PC life cycle operations and management tasks expand as a company grows, leading to ever-higher costs. The scope of security risks expands as well, including viruses, information leaks, and threats of software license compliance violations.

The business PC life cycle can be divided into the following five phases: (1) Introduction planning; (2) procurement and installation; (3) operations and management; (4) maintenance; and (5) replacement and removal. OKI's EXaaS PC-LCM Service offers three services: (1) Procurement and maintenance service; (2) asset management service; and (3) PC asset and security management SaaS(*2). “The service goes beyond merely providing asset management tools. OKI assumes responsibility for the time-consuming tasks of PC operations and management previously handled by the customer. This reduces the customer's work load—something difficult to achieve with traditional PC-LCM services—and helps reduce operating and management costs, as well as protecting business against growing security risks and threats of compliance violations,” says Sei Yano, Senior Vice President, responsible for Solutions and Services at OKI. “The OKI Group successfully cut PC operating and management costs by at approximately 35% while tightening compliance, experience reflected in the new service.”

In response to proliferating use of smartphones, this service also offers smartphone operations and management. The asset management tools provided in this service provide support for English and Chinese, making them even more valuable in managing overseas business locations.

OKI is devoting significant effort to this service to business customers and plans to continue expanding the range of office IT equipment LCM services available.

Features of the EXaaS PC-LCM Service

  1. PC standardization strengthens security countermeasure implementation and compliance.
  2. Asset management tools provide more rigorous management of software licensing and contracts. OKI's asset management tools support both English and Chinese.
  3. OKI assumes responsibility for PC life cycle tasks, including procurement, operations, management, and disposal, allowing customers to reduce their PC operational burden.
  4. The service allows customers to continue using their current asset management tools.
  5. To minimize major one-time cash outlays, the fee structure is based on actual usage.
  6. Other available services include smartphone operations and management.


  • *1 :LCM (Life Cycle Management)

    Refers to the overall process of managing a product or system, covering planning, development, and operations to disposal.

  • *2 :SaaS (Software as a Service)

    Delivery of software applications as a service via the Web.

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