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OKI Expands Functionality of CenterStage® NX3200 Session Border Controller for KDDI

For interconnections with other KDDI VoIP network businesses; featuring industry-leading reliability

「CenterStage NX3200」

TOKYO, September 29, 2011 -- OKI (TSE:6703) today announced it has expanded the functionality of the CenterStage® NX3200, its carrier-grade session border controller (SBC),(*1) to interconnect with other fixed KDDI VoIP network carriers demanding high reliability and quality. The SBC was first delivered to KDDI in September 2010 in response to the impending depletion of IPv4 addresses.

KDDI promotes the interconnection of fixed VoIP networks. To achieve successful interconnections with other carriers, it must absorb the SIP(*2) differences flexibly while securing connectivity with various terminals and services. Moreover, it must provide reliable, high-quality voice communications. OKI's NX3200 meets these stringent requirements and it has been selected as a subsequent SBC to interconnect with other KDDI VoIP network carriers.

"NX3200 offers large-scale session control functionality reaching up to a maximum of 40,000 simultaneous connected sessions,(*3) capitalizing on ATCA(*4) and the CenterStage HAPF(*5) platform, as well as an industry-leading availability of 99.9999% annual operational rates (OKI-measured value)," says Hidetoshi Saigou, General Manager of Info-telecom Systems Division at OKI. "It also offers the flexibility needed to accommodate future functional upgrades, including voice/video codec conversion functions, while achieving low-delay, high-speed transmission performance equivalent to wire rates,(*6) as well as high reliability. It's also fully capable of providing functionality in the timely manner required to achieve FMBC,(*7) one of KDDI's goals."

OKI will proactively develop and provide technology for next-generation carrier-grade networks that meet the needs of telecommunication carriers.

"The NX3200 plays an important role—it maintains the high reliability and quality of KDDI's fixed VoIP network and achieves interconnectivity among carriers," says Toshihiko Yumoto, General Manager, Network Technical Development Division, Technology Sector at KDDI. "As demonstrated by the functionality accommodating existing facilities, we have the highest regard for the NX3200, as a product that satisfies both reliability and expandability requirements. It will contribute to KDDI's VoIP services."

CenterStage NX 3200: Main characteristics

  1. Functions absorbing SIP differences allow for flexible interconnections

    The NX3200's SIP interwork operation Config function and its SIP signal screening function help achieve flexible interconnections without reworking software.

  2. High (99.9999%) availability for carrier-grade performance

    The NX3200 incorporates OKI's unique high-performance, Linux-based(*8) CenterStage HAPF middleware to achieve communications control and operational functionality.

  3. Flexible customization

    The NX3200 allows fast, flexible customization for the specific needs of any customer since most functions, including the SIP stack, are OKI-developed.

  4. Fulfilling maintenance operation function

    The NX3200 comes standard with maintenance operation functions (test, monitoring, traffic control functions) that draw on OKI's years of cumulative experience in switching technologies.

  5. IP address conversions for SIP signals

    The NX3200 achieves interconnections through IPv4-IPv6 conversion functions.

  6. High throughput and low-delay IP conversion and addressing

    The NX3200 allows IPv4-IPv6 interconnections with high throughput and low delay, based on NA(P)T-PT(*9) IP protocol conversion and NA(P)T IP address conversion functions.

For more information on CenterStageNX, please visit http://www.oki.com/en/centerstagenx/


  • *1 :Session border controller (SBC)

    A gateway device used for IP telephony; generally provides security functions for SIP servers, including firewall functions. In addition, it works with the NX3200's IP multimedia subsystem, to allow communications between terminals from different carriers by connecting networks with high-availability, absorbing SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) differences and converting addresses and codecs.

  • *2 :SIP: Session Initiation Protocol

    A protocol that allows real-time communications for multimedia data streams such as voice and video over IP networks.

  • *3 :Maximum simultaneous connections of 40,000 calls

    At the projected maximum configuration. This time, configurations achieve a maximum of 32,000 calls.

  • *4 :ATCA: Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture

    Established by PICMG (PCI Industrial Computer Manufactures Group), ATCA is an industry standard for next-generation communication devices for telecommunication carriers. This open standard offers various technical advantages, including high processing capabilities, high I/O expandability, lower development costs, and high flexibility.

  • *5 :CenterStage HAPF

    OKI's high-availability middleware platform for the CenterStage NX Series; based on a redundant server architecture. The combination of this architecture with the reliability-driven functionality delivers 99.9999% availability (about 33 seconds of downtime annually), a standard that rivals exchanges designed for central office deployment.

  • *6 :Wirerate

    Maximum transfer speed of a transmission channel; a 100 Mbps transmission channel has a wirerate of 100 Mbps.

  • *7 : FMBC: Fixed Mobile and Broadcasting Convergence

    The style of service KDDI seeks to achieve; a convergence of Fixed, Mobile, and Broadcasting.

  • *8 :Carrier-grade Linux

    A Linux specification tailored for high reliability; for use by telecommunication carriers. The specifications assume use in telephone switch boards and telecommunication equipment.

  • *9 :NA (P) T-PT: Network Address and Port Transition-Protocol Translation

    A method for converting IPv4 and IPv6; allows multiple devices on an IPv6 network to connect to an IPv4 internet address, even in cases with just one IPv4 global address.

About OKI Electric Industry (OKI)

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