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Oki Introduces the IRISPASS®-WG Iris Recognition System
with Automatic Iris Scanning Function

- Offering Reliable Security System Enabling Connection as Many as 127 Identification Devices -

IRISPASS-WG Iris Recognition System with Automatic Iris Scanning Function Tokyo, Japan, June 12, 2002 -- Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd. today unveiled a new version of its iris recognition system, the IRISPASS®-WG, which automatically detects the position of the eyes, scans the iris, the pupil of the eye, and then identifies individuals by capturing the tint patterns on the iris. The company will begin marketing and shipping the system on July 1, 2002, first for the Japanese market.

"As one of the leading companies offering biometric security systems, we believe that it is critical to provide the market with more reliable security systems with easier operation, given the growing demand for the security infrastructure, along with the expansion of open networks and the increase of crime," said Haruo Kimura, General Manager of the Terminal Systems Division in the Financial Solutions Company at Oki Electric. "We are therefore introducing the IRISPASS-WG, enhancing both iris authentication technology and operability, based upon a partnership with Iridian Technologies in New Jersey, USA."

Oki offers various security systems based upon iris recognition technology, including the IRISPASS-S Gate Management System, which functions as a key at the entrance, and the IRISPASS-h, a compact authentication unit connectable to a PC. Since its introduction in 1998, the IRISPASS-S system, in particular, has been installed at more than 200 locations in Japan, such as company and government data centers and computer rooms, and storage facilities for toxic and hazardous materials at pharmaceutical companies. The systems are used by a total of around 10,000 peoples with no false-acceptance errors reported after more than 10 million authentications. This is a proof that the iris identification is one of the highest secure biometric-systems.

The newly introduced IRISPASS-WG system is a succeeding version of the IRISPASS-S. It maintains the accurate iris recognition function of the previous model, while enhancing the user-operability with newly developed software that automatically detects the position of the human eyes. An individual's iris patterns can be registered or identified by simply standing in front of the identification device. The required time for authentication is about three seconds. The system enables accurate, high-speed authentication of the iris even while wearing glasses.

The system consists of a system management device and registration device, both of which are located at the customer's control center, and identification devices, which are installed at entrances. The system allows connection to as many as 127 identification devices per system. The system management device has various functions, including iris information registration, management of individual information and authentication history, status monitoring of identification devices, and remote gate-management. The security of the entire system is also enhanced by the addition of functions to allow the iris authentication of the system administrators, who access the system management device and prevent unauthorized operations on a PC connected to the device. The identification device incorporates functions enabling identified data to work with monitoring cameras and guard systems, which allows customers to establish comprehensive security systems.

"In order to expand applications for the IRISPASS-WG beyond gate management, Oki intends to work with system integrators to develop various applications and sell high-performance security solutions to enterprises, government agencies, and financial markets," said Kimura.

Major characteristics of iris recognition:

  1. The iris, being a human organ, renders forgery difficult.
  2. It uses cameras to capture images of the iris, and the system does not require physical contact with the equipment, thereby freeing users from possible hygienic concerns.
  3. Since the iris pattern is more complex and random than other biometric patterns, it offers a highly precise method for individual authentication with a false-acceptance error rate of less than 1 in 1.2 million.
  4. The iris pattern remains unchanged after the age of two and does not degrade over time or with the environment, therefore the initially registered data may be used throughout the individual's entire life.

System Configuration Example

System Configuration Example

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  • The system was co-developed with Matsushita Communication Industrial Co., Ltd.
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