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The eye becomes the key to security
No two human irises are alike, not even those of your own left and right eye. The iris is the contractile membrane of the pupil and its random patterns are unique to each individual. Iris recognition technology identifies people by their unique iris patterns. This is what makes iris recognition the most accurate form of biometric measurement.

The OKI® IRISPASS® provides the highest levels of protection by controlling access to high-security areas via the most precise iris recognition technology available. OKI technology is easy-to-use, fast and accurate, precisely verifying individuals.

Intuitive user interface

As simple as having your snapshot taken; no camera adjustments by manual.
100% non-touch operation.

Rapid throughput

Image acquisition starts when the blue light flashes.
Identification is complete in less than 1 second after image acquisition.
Throughput rates of over 10 persons per minute can be supported.

Compliance with international standards

The application interface complies with ANSI INCITS 358-2002 (known as BioAPI™ v1.1) and iris image complies with ISO/IEC 19794-6.

Operation sequence

Operational volume

  • *1ISO/IEC 19784-1:2006/Amd.1:2007 Information technology — Biometric application programming interface — Part 1: BioAPI specification — AMENDMENT 1: BioGUI specification (Published December 1, 2007)
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