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CSR in the OKI Group Improvement of Customer Satisfaction

Initiatives to Improve Customer Satisfaction (CS)

Initiatives to Improve Customer Satisfaction with Maintenance Service

An “IT Technology Contest“ is held every year at OKI Customer Adtech, a maintenance service business, with the aim of improving the technical skills of customer engineers (CE) who are responsible for maintenance tasks at customerrun sites and responding to malfunctions, and how effectively they respond to customers.

A CE showing his skills at the “IT Engineering Contest“

At the 22nd contest held in November 2015, 20 CEs selected from Group companies and business offi ces nationwide competed over the accuracy of their responses to scenarios where equipment at clients stopped working properly using onsite ATMs and servers as the non-functioning equipment.The judges, who also played the role of clients, checked various processes from arrival at a client's place of business and repair work performed to departure from the standpoint of how important it is to respect what has been promised to clients in performing maintenance work and how reliable and skilled they are as engineers in performing repair and maintenance work. There was also a demonstration event on ATM unit repair tasks by our repair center, a logistics support section.

Initiatives to Improve Customer Satisfaction (CS) in Production Activities

In order to ensure customer satisfaction and quality in its production activities, OKI has conducted a twice-a-year CS survey of customers of its EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Service) business since fiscal 2003. The results of such surveys are posted on the CS page of the intranet within the limits of confidentiality so that they can be used to further improve our products, services and systems. Believing that each employee's commitment to customer satisfaction is indispensable for reliable quality, we have established the CS Rules of Conduct, give education programs focusing on CS.

Furthermore, all employees involved in production and the EMS business are asked to carry cards with “MY CS-oriented Behavior Checklist” and “My Goals” when they work.

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