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CSR in the OKI Group Improvement of Customer Satisfaction

Initiatives to Improve Customer Satisfaction (CS)

Activities for Improving Customer Satisfaction in Maintenance Services

Performance at the printer division

OKI Customer Adtech, the company undertaking maintenance services, holds an annual “IT Technology Competition” for customer engineers (CEs) who carry out maintenance operations and failure handling at the customers' sites, with the aim of improving their technical abilities and customer support 19 CEs selected form branches and group companies across Japan participated in its 20th competition in November 2013. The participants were divided into ATM and printer categories to compete using their ability to provide customer support, in a simulated situation in which a customer's device failed to function.
They demonstrated how they could perform each process from customers' perspectives, starting from the site visit, repair operation to exit from the site. The performance of the top engineer can be viewed from the company PCs and smartphones which all CEs possess, so that other CEs can learn how to excel in their maintenance operations and customer services, leading to the improved service quality of the entire Group.

Customer Comments for Feedback on Product Development

OKI Data operates our printers business. For customers to be consistently satisfied when using its products, it collects customer satisfaction surveys and failure information each month globally. The customer desires and quality problems obtained thereby are summarized in a Customer Service Feedback Request Form, and a Customer Service Feedback Checklist. These are shared with each stage of new product development, as we work to use this feedback to make better products. We also visit overseas sales subsidiaries and agencies, to directly collect product requests and customer comments.
And in Japan, about 300 to 500 customers who registered as buyers of the COREFIDO series LED printers submit survey forms on why they bought the printer, its performance, ease of use, etc. Those results are used when developing new products of the series.

Initiatives to Improve Customer Satisfaction (CS) in Production Activities

In order to ensure customer satisfaction and quality in its production activities, OKI has conducted a twice-a-year CS survey of customers of its EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Service) business since fiscal 2003. The results of such surveys are posted on the CS page of the intranet within the limits of confidentiality so that they can be used to further improve our products, services and systems. Believing that each employee's commitment to customer satisfaction is indispensable for reliable quality, we have established the CS Rules of Conduct, give education programs focusing on CS.

Furthermore, all employees involved in production and the EMS business are asked to carry cards with “MY CS-oriented Behavior Checklist” and “My Goals” when they work.

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