Today’s retail environment may be the most challenging ever. Changing consumer preferences, competition from e-commerce giants, and ongoing consolidation are pressuring traditional retail models. To survive and succeed, you must seek constant innovation while delivering consistency and quality to customers. 

Enhanced in-store experiences ultimately foster the long-term customer loyalty that drives profit. A sense of personal connection—across regions and store locations—is often at the center of positive customer experiences. To this end, branding and aesthetics have never been more important. In hectic retail chain environments with average employee tenure of just seven months, delivering high-quality and consistent printed campaign materials is an oft-overlooked challenge.

Running retail stores and restaurants is hard enough already. The last thing managers need is a print fleet that produces unsatisfactory output or—worse yet—malfunctions when you need it most.

That’s where OKI Data Americas can help. We’ve been building and supporting cost-effective, industrial-grade printers for 40+ years. We understand the challenges and demands of today’s retail marketplace. And, we know how to leverage the right printing solutions to satisfy customers, reduce costs, and drive retail profitability.

Powerful Retail Benefits

  • Drive customer satisfaction and sales by enhancing branding, messaging, and the overall appearance of signs and labels. OKI printers and MFPs let you instantly—and affordably—print floor signage, price tags, shelf labels, directional banners and gondola frames for a visual competitive edge.
  • Put leading edge print technology in your stores at a fraction of the cost of competitive equipment. OKI has been building and maintaining commercial-grade printers for 40+ years. We understand your need for reliable, durable and cost-effective retail equipment. Our printers are built specifically for your fast-paced and competitive environment.
  • Keep costs down with quality in-house printing backed by service options that include
    • depot and on-site service
    • self-maintenance and help desk options
    • roll-out and custom configuration options
    • real-time automated consumable deliveries
  • Measurably improve printing performance and reliability by reducing manual intervention. OKI commercial-grade performance delivers expanded paper and toner capacities, and greatly simplified operation in a ruggedized footprint, so retail staff spends less time handling printers – and more time delivering an exceptional customer experience.

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